property selling propcess with James Wilson Estate agents

The Property Selling Process

Arrange a market Appraisal

Firstly you need to know what your property is worth, we will arrange an appointment with you for a free no obligation property valuation. Based on current property market prices, we will let you know what your property is worth. Property prices can vary drastically from street to street and sometimes, even from one side of the road to the other. However we will use our property market expertise and due diligence to give you accurate property figures and one that is right for you.

Achieve maximum property price

After agreeing to a price that you are comfortable with, we will begin marketing of your property on the 5 top property portals in the UK, on our website and 150 others property directories. it is very important that you address the most common mistakes that property vendors make in order for you to achieve the maximum value for your property. Find out more about residential and commercial properties, read our popular 7 part series property tips. One of our dedicated property agent will guide you throughout the property sale process. We will then begin viewings of your property with our potential buyers.

Receiving Property Offers

Once we carry out viewings on your property, a potential buyer might make an offer on your property which is less than the asking price; as soon as any offers are received on your property we notify you quickly. It is always helpful if you notify us of convenient contact times to help the proprty sale process progress smoothy. If the offer from the property buyer is not acceptable to you, we begin to negotiate on your behalf with until we can conclude with a price that you are happy to proceed with.

Waiting for Property Survey

Once you have accepted an offer on your property we will put it “under offer” and stop any other viewings. We will notify both parties’ solicitors and wait for the property survey to be booked, which is normally around 2 weeks after the accepted offer. Upon receiving the property survey report, we will confirm this with you. If there are any discrepancies between the offer accepted property price and the Survey Report we may need to go back to the negotiating stage and come to a mutual agreement between yourself and the property buyer. Once we have successfully come to an agreement we wait for solicitors to continue to do their due diligence and prepare the legal contracts against the property.

Exchange and Completion

When property contracts are signed and deposit is in place both parties solicitors will “exchange on the property”, this is the point where the deposit is transferred to your solicitors and the buyer cannot pull out of the property sale without forfeiting their deposit. After exchange completion - normally takes place 7-10 days thereafter, which is when the property is officially sold - you can take the excess monies made to use towards something you have always dreamed of (in an ideal world). It can take 28 days to 3 months depending on solicitors from the original property offer to completion.