South London landlord tenant finding

Rent your property with James Wilson Real Estate & Developers Streatham Limited

Finding Tenants for Your Property

We guarantee that within one month, we will find tenants willing to let your property within 1 month. Otherwise we will find you a tenant completely free of charge. As one of the best estate agents in South London, we offer affordable property management services to all tenants. Find out more about affordable property management from James Wilson Estate Agents.

Property Market Appraisals

Do you know what your property is worth? we will arrange an appointment with you to give you a free no obligation property valuation, based on the current market trends to let you know the estimated worth of your property. Property prices change frequently and can vary drastically from street to street or from one side of the road to the other. Regardless of the existing situation, as your South London property expert, James Wilson Estate Agents will use key market knowledge and due diligence to give you an accurate value for your home or commercial premises.

Achieve the Maximum Property Price

After agreeing to a price that you are comfortable with we will begin marketing your property on the 5 top property portals in the UK, on our website including an additional 150 property portals. it is very important that you address the most common mistakes that property landlords make, in order for you to achieve the maximum worth for your property, get tips on our 7 part series on avoiding property mistakes. We will begin viewings on your property with our potential tenants, in an effort to let your house, flat or commercial premises.

Receiving Property Offers

Once we carry out viewings on your property, you may receive an offer from a potential tenant which may not be the full asking price of the property. One of our professional letting agent notify you as soon as possible to discuss the tenants needs and with request for your final decision on the potential property letting. it is always helpful if you provide us with convenient contact times and details to help the property letting process progress smoothly. Where an offer from the tenant unacceptable to you, we will proceed with negotiations with the potential tenant on your behalf until a favourable price can be achieved.

Tenancy References

After confirming an agreeable price for your property, we will take a non refundable holding deposit from the prospective tenants and take the property off the market until tenancy references has been completed. We will also ask that you the landlord stop marketing the property if it is being marketed elsewhere. The prospective tenants will fill out a referencing form which will be forwarded to a referencing agency who check for their credit worthiness over the past 6 years including CCJ’s and bankruptcy, employment confirmation for the duration of the tenancy and affordability including previous landlord history where applicable. We will take a photocopy of valid photo Identification and proof of address for the tenant before proceeding with letting your property.

Tenancy Agreements

Upon receipt of acceptable tenancy references, James Wilson Estate Agents will prepare the tenancy agreement which is normally for 12 months with a 6 month break clause. Where required, we can prepare a 6 month tenancy contract to satisfy either the landlord or tenant's letting requirements. Draft copies of our tenancy agreements are forwarded to both landlord(s) and tenants for agreement in principle and signature of acceptance of lettings.

Moving into Your Rented Property

Prior to moving into the newly let house, flat or commercial property, the tenant will pay all move in fees including rent in advance and deposit to us. James Wilson Estate Agents will forward the balance of funds over to you minus our agreed fees to let the property once the tenants has successfully moved in.  We will arrange an acceptable time with the tenant to move into the property and can carry out the “check in any property inventory services” on your behalf where required including metre readings and any keys to be handed over to the tenants. We also work closely with suppliers such as property cleaning companies to carry out a pre-tenancy cleaning services where necessary. It is extremely important that an inventory is arranged as this can seriously affect the handling of the deposit at the end of the tenancy agreement period.

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Do you have property insurance? James Wilson Real Estate & Developers Streatham Limited can also arrange rent guarantee insurance for your property, with quotes starting from as low as £99.00. Contact your residential and commercial letting agents in South London and see how we can help you today.