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Commercial tenants, if you are looking to rent or lease office space whether retail or warehouse, James Wilson Estate Agent can cater for all your property requirements. Our dedicated team of South London real estate professionals can give you expert advice of the local areas, where it is suitable for your business, advice on legislations and planning constraints. In order for you to get started you will need to find out if the type of business you are looking to operate requires any specific commercial premises usage licence, such as A1 (retail), A2 (professional services), A3 (restaurants) etc .

If the commercial property you want to rent does not already have the required planning permission, you may need to apply for building planning permission to change the layout of the premises to meet the specific needs of your business. You may also need to request permission from your landlord before making changes. As real estate agents, we can discuss and negotiate commercial rental rates with the landlord on your behalf.

Once you have made an offer on the selectec commercial property, negotiations will begin and once confirmed both party's solicitors will be contacted to confirm the agreement. Solicitors will begin to carry out their due diligence. The property rental process will normally take between 2-8 weeks depending on solicitors. The amount of deposit you will need depends on the commercial property for let and is generally it is 3 months rent in advance and 3 months deposit (some landlords can be flexible and you may be able to have a rent free period depending on the landlord).

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If you are interested in commercial properties for rent, of have any enquiries about commercial building to let, please contact us and we'll be more thann happy to assist.